Princess Uwera

Trade: Painting & Decorating

Cohort 6

From Refugee to Empowered Entrepreneur

Princess Uwera, a resilient refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has transformed her life against all odds through  her  participation  in  the  Buildher program. Confronted with numerous challenges due to her lack of proper documentation, Princess was forced to work in a bar to sustain herself. However, deep within her, a burning desire to escape this situation and secure a brighter future ignited.

Despite the obstacles she faced as a refugee in a foreign land, Princess remained determined. Limited access to suitable employment opportunities and the absence of proper documentation only fueled her drive to seek a better life. Working tirelessly in the bar, she earned a meager income of 7000 per month, which offered little joy but kept her surviving in a challenging environment.

Driven by her aspiration to obtain the necessary certification for a promising career, Princess joined Buildher, facilitated by Refushe, a partner organization. Despite an untreated hand injury and the physical demands of the training, she refused to give up. Her unwavering commitment and dedication propelled her to successfully complete the program, equipping her with invaluable skills for a brighter future.

Princess’s journey not only transformed her own life but also had a profound impact on her community. Engaging in subcontracting jobs across various construction sites in Nairobi, her income skyrocketed from 300 per day to an impressive 3000 per day. Inspired by her own journey, Princess has taken a step further by employing five women from Buildher, providing them with opportunities to improve their lives and contribute to their families’ well-being.

With newfound success and a growing team of empowered women, Princess’s motivation continues to soar. The impact of Buildher on her life has instilled a profound sense of purpose, propelling her to work even harder. She envisions expanding her business and employing individuals not only from Buildher but also from other marginalized communities. Through her endeavors, she aims to break the cycle of limited opportunities and create a better future for herself and those around her.

Princess’s remarkable journey from being a refugee facing countless obstacles to becoming a thriving entrepreneur showcases the transformative power of Buildher. Through the program, she transcended the limitations imposed by her circumstances, finding a path towards economic stability, personal growth, and community empowerment. Princess’s story serves as an inspiration to individuals facing similar challenges, highlighting the importance of determination, resilience, and access to opportunities in creating positive change.