We act with honesty and integrity and are committed to transparency and safeguarding in every aspect of our work. We are dedicated to promoting dignity, trustworthiness and accountability in our programs, activities and interactions with actors and stakeholders in our ecosystem.


Equality and inclusivity are values central to our work. We employ and structure career growth opportunities for marginalized youth and we implement inclusive programs that drive sustainable development, promote decent work and grow resilient economies; with women, for women, by women.


We understand that training and linking underserved communities to jobs isn’t enough to reduce inequality so we work to integrate behavior change, innovation and critical life skills to catalyze social change, sector inclusivity and the breakdown of barriers preventing priority groups like youth and vulnerable young women, from accessing and benefiting from available economic opportunities.


We are highly collaborative team. We work together to generate ideas and insights, to share learning and generate growth. We also co-create value by working collaboratively with actors and stakeholders in our ecosystem to develop inclusive, participatory and sustainable development. Our Multi-Stakeholder approach engages peer N.G.O’S, & CBO’s, community stakeholders, employers, construction sector partners, entrepreneurs, as well as Ministry and State Departments, through every stage of our program delivery.