My Story


“I am Mary Wanjiku, 33 years old and a mother of 3. I am a Cohort 02 graduate at Buildher. Prior to joining Buildher, I believed that Carpentry is a job reserved for men and any woman doing Carpentry was out of her mind. After the 4 months training at Buildher, I feel that I am a skilled Carpenter and Joiner and this is my chosen career. I am not afraid to operate machines and help others learn and build their confidence as well

COVID-19 has brought many challenges for us as Fundis. Personally, being laid off from my 8-month employment training was a major blow, which meant I lacked money to support my family.

Thankfully, I have Marketing & Communication skills learnt through Buildher. I am using these skills to promote my Carpentry skills in the settlement. Recently, I landed a contract to build a guitar rack for Hoperaisers, an NGO in Baba Dogo, Nairobi. This was entirely facilitated through the guidance of Buildher trainers and the availability of the workshop facility at Buildher.

Life is different due to the pandemic, but that does not stop me from looking for opportunities to enhance my skills.

I am looking forward to growing into subcontracting in future.”