Buildher’s 12-month program features a holistic 6-month accredited construction skills training, including internships, advocacy, and alumni development. We foster direct interaction with employers through on-site visits and workshop-based work readiness training. Our 6-month job placement program facilitates a transition to skilled gig jobs in the construction labor market, enabling women to further develop their expertise while earning a living.


Buildher’s technical training curriculum develops tradeswomen with strong critical thinking and practical skills, resulting in crafts(wo)manship that meets client and industry standards.

Available Courses: Carpentry & Joinery, Painting & Decorating and Tiling. Our full-time, qualified instructors conduct industry-specific courses in  designated training  workshops that are purpose-built for each skill.

Accreditations: Buildher’s curriculum is aligned with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) standards.


Artisan Development Training prepares women artisans for the realities of construction sites by providing training in job management, teamwork, professional communication, and a thorough awareness of site dynamics.


Women’s Wellness and Development Training focuses on empowering women and promoting personal development at the individual, family, community, and workplace levels. Physical fitness, yoga, mental health, and nutrition training are all included in the curriculum to encourage complete and comprehensive growth.

Scholarship: All women admitted to the Buildher’s Technical Training Program receive financial assistance to cover the 12-months Training. This includes:

Access to 6-months of hands-on in-demand technical training, personal and professional development, wellness, entrepreneurship, and mentorship support programs in our fully equipped technical workshop facilities, as well as 6-months of employment guidance and support programs to help women begin their careers in construction. All women are responsible for finding work; Buildher only offers advice and support.

Tradeswomen who successfully graduate are eligible to apply to join Buildher’s Women Fundis in Construction (WFiC) alumnae network, which provides access to career support programs.

Location: Courses are conducted 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday at our training center in Baba Dogo. Women are also required to complete weekend internships.

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Buildher’s application process is designed to assess the applicants’ financial need, mindset and learning capacity as well as their commitment and determination to invest in their own personal, professional and economic advancement.


To apply for the Buildher Scholarship, women must complete the application form and submit it to the Buildher Training Center. Those who have completed the form correctly will be invited to step 2.


A pre-interview test is administered at the Buildher Training Center to assess women’s resilience through verbal, numerical, inductive reasoning, and situational judgment tests.


Women who pass stages 1 and 2 are invited to an in-person interview to learn more about their motivation, expectations, commitment and preparedness for the program.


Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Buildher training program:

  • Must be a woman from a low-income family and underserved community, who is struggling with low personal or family income. 
  • Must be a woman who is physically active, capable of standing for extended periods and able to engage in physically demanding work.
  • A woman who has completed at least a standard 6 (grade 6) primary level education. 
  • A woman who is able to read and write in Kiswahili or English (Kiswahili only is acceptable).
  • Women with prior construction site or furniture workshop experience can use experience to compensate for lower education levels.
  • Must possess a National ID, Alien card, or GOK proof of registration.
  • A woman who demonstrates a willingness to work in the construction industry and an ability to dedicate themselves to the 12-month program. 
  • This includes full-time classes for six months, Monday through Friday at Buildher’s Training Innovation Center – Baba Dogo, as well as Saturday internships, and the remaining six months of full-time work in the construction industry.
  • A woman who can demonstrate a strong interest in becoming a change- maker and joining Buildher’s community of women artisans in the male-dominated construction sector. As well as leadership and resourcefulness in their life and community.
  • A woman who is able to pay a non-refundable application fee of KES 500