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Buildher is 5! We are thrilled to be marking this significant milestone in the Buildher program journey. Since our inception, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing low-income women with access to sustainable careers and enterprises in the construction finishing trades, breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where women thrive in the construction industry. Learn more about our impact in the last 5 years in our recently published 500+ Women Buildher Program Evaluation Report.


Rallying support for women in construction is an ingredient for women thriving in the sector. For Buildher, mobilizing that support comes in different forms including an event that brings together the support system of the women in the program for a Family Day. The recently held event gave the women a chance to show their support systems what they do on a day-to-day basis and gave the attendees a chance to learn more about the Buildher program, the importance of their support and the impact the program unlocks for the women.


We are thrilled to welcome Sylvie Bracquiné to the Buildher Board! Sylvie brings a wealth of experience in launching new products and with a focus in helping SMEs scale and a passion for transformative leadership.

Sylvie is the Managing Director of Operations at Sinapis, which provides training, acceleration and access to capital for purpose-driven entrepreneurs in emerging and frontier markets.

Victoria Mbatha

Trade: Tiling

Cohort 10

From Security Guard to Skilled Tiler

Victoria’s story shines as a beacon of inspiration. Her journey from a security guard to a skilled tiler with Buildher is a testament to her unwavering dedication to self-improvement.

While working as a security guard at Buildher, Victoria couldn’t help but be captivated by the transformative programs offered within the organization. The spark of curiosity ignited a powerful desire for change. Choosing to leave her security guard job to become a trainee at Buildher was no easy feat. Victoria was the family’s sole breadwinner at the time, with her husband unemployed. However, her burning aspiration to forge a career in construction was a call she couldn’t ignore.

Recognizing Victoria’s passion and potential, her elder sister stepped forward as a pillar of support. She generously covered rent and food expenses for the four months of Victoria’s training, enabling her to fully immerse herself in the journey ahead.

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Grace Warwinu Wanjeri

Trade: Carpentry and Joinery

Cohort 6

A journey of empowerment: From Onion Seller to Carpenter

I knew Buildher through a friend who was also a trainee from a previous cohort. From the discussion I had with her, I was interested in joining the training program and she advised me to apply for the August 2021 intake which by then was ongoing. I applied for the program, got interviewed and luckily in September 2021, I joined the Carpentry and Joinery training program. I was trained for 4-months at the workshop where I gained both the technical and soft skills and later while training for the 8-months, I sat for NITA grade 3 examination.

During the 4-months workshop training, I faced challenges such as lack of transport, where my child would stay after coming from school and also where to get food.

Fortunately, through the training, I managed to gain skills such as planning and time management. I would wake up early, prepare and take my child to school then attend the training. While training, I made sure I finished my practicals on time so that I would go and pick my child from school. On the lack of transport issue, through Buildher, I would receive a welfare package of Ksh 1,000 per week which facilitated my transport and at times food.

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Princess Uwera

Trade: Painting & Decorating

Cohort 6

From Refugee to Empowered Entrepreneur

Princess Uwera, a resilient refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has transformed her life against all odds through  her  participation  in  the  Buildher program. Confronted with numerous challenges due to her lack of proper documentation, Princess was forced to work in a bar to sustain herself. However, deep within her, a burning desire to escape this situation and secure a brighter future ignited.

Despite the obstacles she faced as a refugee in a foreign land, Princess remained determined. Limited access to suitable employment opportunities and the absence of proper documentation only fueled her drive to seek a better life. Working tirelessly in the bar, she earned a meager income of 7000 per month, which offered little joy but kept her surviving in a challenging environment.

Driven by her aspiration to obtain the necessary certification for a promising career, Princess joined Buildher, facilitated by Refushe, a partner organization. Despite an untreated hand injury and the physical demands of the training, she refused to give up. Her unwavering commitment and dedication propelled her to successfully complete the program, equipping her with invaluable skills for a brighter future.

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